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News Presentation Slides from June 22nd Webinar, “Understanding the Mindset of Consumers…”

Posted by WBA Research    Jun 24, 2011   0 comments

PowerPoint Slides from WB&A’s June 22nd webinar.

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News WB&A Supporting Research Needs of CitySmart Sustainable Transportation Program in Cambridge, MA

Posted by WBA Research    May 12, 2011   0 comments

Over the past two years, WB&A has been supporting the research needs of the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts’ CitySmart program which encourages residents to use sustainable transportation modes.

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News WB&A Supporting Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Tree Potting Mission

Posted by WBA Research    May 06, 2011   0 comments

As part of WB&A’s social responsibility initiative, we are supporting the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s tree potting mission.

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News National Sleep Foundation’s “Sleep in America” public opinion poll conducted by WB&A

Posted by WBA Research    Mar 07, 2011   0 comments

WB&A was commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation to conduct their annual “Sleep in America” public opinion poll.

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News The Health and Fitness of DC and Baltimore Area Residents

Posted by WBA Research    Feb 19, 2011   0 comments


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News Methodology for Communications Industry Survey

Posted by WBA Research    Dec 31, 2010   0 comments

An explanation of the study methodology from the 2012 DC & Baltimore Communications Industry Survey and Job Index

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News Infographic: Consumer Optimism

Posted by WBA Research    Oct 02, 2010   0 comments

  As the 2012 Presidential election draws nearer, WB&A Market Research releases a study on how Washington, DC and Baltimore area consumers feel about current economic conditions compared to how consumers felt about the economy during the months leading up to the 2008 Presidential election.    The Infographic features WB&A’s Optimism Index as well as

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News 2013 Communications Industry Survey Final Report

Posted by WBA Research    Apr 12, 2010   0 comments

The final report is now available for the Communications Industry Survey of Washington, DC and Baltimore, 2013.

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News DC and Baltimore Area Consumers Engaged with New Media (Comparisons with National Data)

Posted by WBA Research    Mar 14, 2010   0 comments

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News Green Attitudes and Behaviors (4Q, 2011)

Posted by WBA Research    Oct 17, 2008   0 comments

Consumers’ actions to improve the environment, reasons for living green, purchase behavior based on environmentally-friendly products, who is responsible, barriers for change, and expectations for the future.

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