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All Check out our Infographic on Internet Privacy and Security

Posted by WBA Research    Jan 03, 2014   0 comments

As a leading market research firm in the region, WBA Research has conducted many studies in the Washington, DC and Baltimore markets which explore consumer opinions, perceptions, and attitudes. Check out our most recent study with highlights in the form of an Infographic (Click to view a PDF of the thumbnail image shown on the left): Internet Privacy and

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News Submit a Question that You’d Like to See Asked of Consumers in the Baltimore and Washington, DC markets

Posted by WBA Research    Aug 28, 2013   0 comments

We are looking for some new questions to include in our quarterly, public opinion surveys–what we call MarkeTrak®.  Questions cover consumer attitudes, awareness, perceptions, interests, activities, etc. which have potential relevance to many consumers across the two metropolitan areas. If we select your  question, we will offer you an additional proprietary question in a future MarkeTrak

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