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In-house Telephone Centers

WBA maintains 75 CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) -equipped stations between our offices in Crofton, MD (30 stations) and Ithaca, NY (45 stations). We have the ability to conduct interviews in both English and Spanish, including translating questionnaires and open-ended responses for coding.

Why do we have in-house telephone interviewing?

The answer is simply to maintain the highest levels of quality. We start with strict hiring requirements, including conducting background checks on all employees, and extensive testing to ensure they can/will read verbatim, can type well enough to effectively capture open-ended responses, and are technologically proficient. Then, all interviewers must go through rigorous (4-week) training which covers the importance of maintaining the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, as well as a detailed explanation of proper survey administration. In addition, every telephone study begins with formal briefings from project managers and telephone center supervisors, during which we provide an overview of the project, an in-depth review of the questionnaire and offer tips on how to overcome anticipated obstacles. Only after interviewers feel sufficiently prepared will they finally start conducting live interviews on your study.

WBA maintains its high-quality standards with between an 8 and 10:1 interviewer-to-supervisor ratio. As interviewing proceeds, there are layers of quality control in place, including continual monitoring, feedback, and ongoing training by the supervisors. At least 10% of each project’s interviews are monitored or validated. Clients are welcome to monitor calls as well.

Finally, WBA is committed to maintaining this high caliber staff because we understand that keeping turnover as low as possible is the best way to ensure the quality of data collection. So, during slower periods in workflow, instead of laying people off (as many market research companies will do), we instead will use that time to maintain and sharpen interviewers’ skills through focused ongoing training and/or by conducting pro bono studies for small, non-profit organizations that could not afford to do market research otherwise.

Crofton, MD Telephone Center

Ithaca, NY Telephone Center

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