Case Studies

Loyalty Among Cat Owners

pie_illustration_sm_tallFeline Pine is a natural cat litter, and a very early product in the natural space. However, increased competition required insight into why cat owners used a natural cat litter, and why a particular brand. WBA recommended a study of volunteers who agreed to replace their current cat litter with Feline Pine for at least four weeks. Telephone interviews and focus groups followed the trials.

Questions included:

  • Overall reaction to the product
  • What they look for in a litter
  • Importance of price
  • Likelihood to continue with Feline Pine
Concentric Consumer Marketing was able to glean reasons consumers remain brand loyal from the “definitely or probably likely to continue using Feline Pine” group, as well as the negatives from the “may, may not or definitely would not use” group.

Program Highlights

  • Multi-phase study
  • 10 minute phone survey to find In-home product trial participants
  • At end of 4 week trial, 10-minute telephone interviews
  • Participants also invited to “favorable” and “non-favorable” focus groups