Reports Intelligent Insights: The Latest Market Research on Green Attitudes and Behaviors.Offered by Capitol Communicator/WB&A Market Research, Sponsored by ZilYen

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Slides from our January 11th webinar now available!
Capitol Communicator and WB&A Market Research surveyed consumers in the Baltimore and Washington, DC markets on their green attitudes and behaviors across a range of topics.  We asked consumers about specific actions they are taking to improve the environment, their purchase behavior when deciding between a product which is more environmentally friendly or less expensive, how consumers are defining “living a greener lifestyle”, and their expectations for the environment in the next 20 years.
We also explored:
  • What consumers are doing to improve the environment beyond “the expected” —recycling newspaper, glass, aluminum and plastic.
  • The importance of individual behavioral change in reducing the impact on the environment.
  • Who bears the most responsibility for protecting the environment—governments, corporations/ organizations, or individuals?
  • What are the barriers to making significant environmental improvements in the U.S.? 
  • We analyzed responses to our survey across a range of demographic characteristics including age, sex, household income, education, marital status, race, county/area, presence of children in household, frequency of Internet use, and employment. 
WB&A Market Research’s Steve Markenson shared the findings of the study and explored the implications of consumers’ green attitudes and behaviors on a January 11th webinar.  Check out Steve’s guest blog with AMA Baltimore.
The presentation slides are available: Click HERE.
For a document which provides the highlights of the research, Click HERE. 
Stay tuned for information on next quarter’s edition of Intelligent Insights.