Why we called you

We want your opinion. Companies hire us to help them understand what you are thinking and feeling about a particular subject or product. We are not telemarketers and will not try to sell you anything if you choose to take part in one of our surveys.

Of course, your involvement is completely voluntary, but we hope that you will see this as an opportunity to be heard. Even though your responses will be completely confidential (not associated with you, by name), your opinions (combined with others who participate) will influence the type of products developed, the quality of customer service you receive and in some cases, public and government policy.

If you would prefer not to be involved, all you have to do is say so. The quickest way to be removed from the list of those we contact for a study is to tell us immediately – that way we can note that right away, and you shouldn’t receive any more contact from us for that study. If you try to call us back to be removed, the process will take longer as we typically have many projects ongoing and it might take a little while for us to find which project we were contacting you about.

Are you on the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry?

We are a market research company, NOT a telemarketing company. Congress has exempted market research studies from the laws that regulate telemarketers because they recognize the value of your opinions. For additional information, please visit the National Do Not Call Registry website. We welcome your review of our Privacy Policy.