News DC Residents Evenly Divided on Location of Metro Station at Dulles Airport

Posted by WBA Research    Dec 07, 2011   0 comments
Residents of the DC area were almost evenly divided on the location of the planned Metro station at Washington Dulles International Airport. 
Just over one-third (36%) thought the station should be under ground, while one-third (33%) believe the station should be above ground. The remaining 31% did not know or did not have an opinion as to where the station should be built. 
Those who are current Metro riders responded very similarly to the general population to the question of location (37% below ground, 32% above ground, 30% not sure).   Residents of the suburbs of Virginia (40%) and Maryland (38%) were more likely than those who live in the District (21%) to say they think the station should be located below ground.    
The survey, part of the MarkeTrak® quarterly consumer study, was conducted by WB&A Market Research in May 2011 via telephone interviews with a geographically balanced sample of residents in the metropolitan DC area.