News DC Area Residents Express a “Commitment to Living Green”

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Residents of the Washington, DC area expressed a desire to “live green” when asked about their attitudes toward using ecologically friendly products and services.
While 72% of area residents were overall committed to “living green”, 21% stated that they were “very committed.” The overall commitment was higher in the Northern Virginia suburbs (80%) relative to the Maryland suburbs (70%) and the District of Columbia (50%). 
DC area residents were also asked about specific “living green” activities including recycling, bringing bags to the grocery store, purchasing energy efficient light bulbs such as compact fluorescents or LEDs, and making energy-saving home improvements.
·         Across the DC area, 90% reported that they recycle, with those who are married/partnered more likely to recycle (93% vs. 85%).  
·         Overall, 63% of DC area residents bring their own bags to the grocery store, with greater activity in the District of Columbia (82%) compared to Northern Virginia (62%) and the Maryland suburbs (58%). 
·         Overall, 83% reported use of energy efficient light bulbs. Those with household incomes exceeding $75,000 were more likely to purchase this energy efficient lighting (90% vs. 80%). 
·         In the last twelve months, 47% of residents have made energy-saving home improvements, with those in the Maryland suburbs reporting greater activity (56%) relative to Northern Virginia (41%) and the District of Columbia (39%). Those who are married/partnered were more likely to make home improvements (52% vs. 40%) as well as those with incomes above $75,000 (54% vs. 39%).
The survey, part of the MarkeTrak® quarterly consumer study, was conducted by WB&A Market Research in May 2011 via telephone interviews with a geographically balanced sample of residents in the metropolitan DC area. Information about MarkeTrak® and additional findings can be found at  
About MarkeTrak®  
MarkeTrak,® is a quarterly, shared cost consumer study conducted by WB&A Market Research in the Baltimore and Washington, DC markets. The random telephone survey queries 300 heads of household in each market, piggybacking general interest questions with those of specific clients who share the cost of the study in order to obtain answers to critical questions quickly and inexpensively. All client data are proprietary and confidential.