All Video of Webinar Now Posted: “Baltimore Healthcare from the Consumer Perspective”

Posted by WBA Research    Jul 05, 2013   0 comments

On Tuesday, June 18th, WBA Research presented a webinar, “Baltimore Healthcare from the Consumer Perspective.”

We shared findings from our recent study on how Baltimore area consumers perceive hospitals and healthcare in the region.

Topics covered included: opinions as to whether the quality of hospital care in Maryland has improved or declined over the past 5 years; concern about aspects of hospital care such as the availability of physicians/nurses, quality and safety of care, and emergency rooms being overcrowded; awareness and opinions of specific hospitals; preference of area hospitals when it comes to treating certain conditions; and advertising awareness for hospitals in the area.

Additionally, the familiarity with Health Care Reform among area consumers was explored, along with how area consumers feel reform will impact themselves and healthcare, overall.

You can view a video of the webinar HERE.

Webinar slides, in the form of a PDF, can be viewed HERE.